Photo Gallery of Rooms

A sun-filled entry connecting an 1888 farmhouse to a new
great room addition.  Simple and classic with the use of warm
colors, a few accessories completes the area and welcomes
guests warmly
Combining traditional elements with updated furnishings,
makes for an eclectic and comfortable living area

Great Room Addition to an 1888 Farmhouse

In keeping with the home's original charm, this great room addition provides a
warm and inviting setting with updated amenities
The addition of a glass table mixes a more transitional
style into the setting and allows for a multipurpose area
Vintage hutches and bookcases make   wonderful
display spaces for collectibles and family heirlooms
Grouping collections as pictured here with flow
blue and cobalt pieces, adds drama and a focal
point.  It also creates a fun conversation starter.
Small vignettes add interest to any room....using
your own treasures reflects your personality
Here, a
crocks is
on an