Photo Gallery    Color Choices

BOLD color   
richness to    
a traditional  
& formal       
dining room
Red is often
used in
dining areas
as it sparks
and appetite
A beautiful, placid blue is
perfect for a bedroom as it
is both calming and
This bedroom, with the
addition of white is both
romantic and inviting.  A
serene and relaxing get
away space is created

White is always clean & fresh
It can be utilized in any room of     
 the home & brings brightness &     
             light into the space

WARM colors provide for
welcoming & comfortable spaces
Whether used on walls or in
accessories, art, & furniture,  
golds, yellows, and oranges
are sunny additions to a room
Color is one of the first aspects of decorating which needs to be considered...Color can
define the character of a room and set a particular mood. Color has an emotional
impact on all of us and is one of the easiest ways to change your atmosphere!