Art & Accessories

Art & Accessories provide even more opportunity
to create a unique space!!      Art preference is a
personal choice and should simply be chosen for
its' appeal to you esthetically and emotionally   
This Art Deco era
print by R Atkinson
Fox, has a unique
style with vivid
colors & details
The vintage lithograph  
here has a seaside theme
with soft, muted
colors...the aged frame
adds warmth & character
A combination of art and accessories is the finishing touch
to any room.....It creates a lived in look while reflecting your
passions.....The most interesting rooms look as though they
have taken years to evolve using personal touches such as
collections, family heirlooms, and accumulated treasures.
Mirrors are always in vogue, and,
with a wide array of styles and
finishes, they are beautiful and
functional in any space.....
Mirrors add dimension and light
into spaces as well.  Use them to
open up a small area or, just as
jewelry for the room
Family photos, collectables, plants, glassware, and
artwork complete a unique look that tells family
and guests who you are and what you enjoy!
Seaside paintings are a popular
choice and can be soothing to the eye
Here, in this bedroom, soft blues
reminds us of the ocean and peaceful
memories of summer at the seashore